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If you’re looking for a complete SCCM 1511 installation guide, see our blog series which covers it all.

Installing SCCM upgrades is very important to your infrastructure.

This might happen if when the collection was deleted there was a backlog on the collection evaluator or it was stopped and thus not able to process the file at that time.

To fix this, check and see if the file mentioned is in the like it is in the screen shot below.

The membership does not automatically change unless a resource is removed from Configuration Manager.

It is highly advised to designate an OU for the PVS auto update client and limit SCCM access to this OU only.

This is a topic I haven’t seen much covered around but is quite important, especially if you’re managing an environment with a lot of clients, regular changes and a lot of collections.

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Alright then, I've set the schedule to download updates at 2 AM daily.

Downloading and updating is made directly from the console.

If you need to make a new SCCM installation, you can’t install SCCM 1602 directly.

If this file exists and you no longer need this update, simply move the file to a temp location and delete it.

Basics covered, we all now know what a collection is and what it’s for.


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