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"You assume your kids understand that mom needs a life outside of them. "He asked about him almost daily, for months," she says. The problem is not that they get attached to a new person, but that exposure to a parade of new people creates the potential for more loss."At its heart, this is about trust," says psychologist Leah Klungness of Long Island, who specializes in single-parent issues.

They don't."Mistakes 2, 3, and 4:* Introducing her children to the first man she liked.* Allowing him to spend time at the house, especially playing ball with her son, then 8.* Giving him a peck on the cheek one day as they parted. Children are likely to wonder, "Who can I count on to stay around? " Some blame themselves: "I'm not lovable." The more loss there is, the more distrustful they can become, including in their own future relationships.

Franz Davis could tell he had been out of the dating pool for years when he ventured back in after getting divorced.

“I honestly felt like I was on a different planet,” he said.

Jenni Rivera I know one husband and wife who, whatever the official reasons given to the court for the break up of their marriage, were really divorced because the husband believed that nobody ought to read while he was talking and the wife that nobody ought to talk while she was reading.

Vera Brittain Reality is very, very contradictory, and so I try to write just perfecting what I see, what I read, what I feel, in a feel-thinking way.

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But in nearly all the cases of divorced mothers I personally know - not a representative sample, I grant you - financial woes have been part of life after divorce, especially if they don't remarry... And this brings me back to the adage I was raised with, that it's as easy to fall for a wealthy man as a poor one. I was making my own living and assumed I always would.Some have been hurt so badly that they cannot let a new person get too close emotionally.Others are so afraid of being alone, they are willing to settle for the next person who comes along.Two weeks ago, on a night Shana was with her father, Friedman cooked dinner for the twins and the man she has been seeing exclusively for two years. "I'm very mindful and protective of their emotions."Overkill?Not to Elaine, a mother of three who asked not to be identified because she's in the midst of divorce proceedings. The first was starting to date two months after her separation."You go through a selfish stage when you split up," she says. "' As awful as that was, it was worse to see her son so miserable when the relationship ended. Children of divorce have already experienced loss, maybe trauma.Most of us learned differently as soon as we became mothers. I won't say that I didn't date some well-off men before I became a Missus.


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    “I hadn’t been on the dating scene since college.” Davis, a divorce attorney in Minneapolis, had been married for eight years. “People knew how to quickly meet then just hook up,” he said.

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