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is object-oriented and uses the MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller).

The software is based on the homemade p H7Framework and is designed with the KISS principle in mind.

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Gaynor says the speed-dating idea came about when she was joking with her three sons about how they can now use apps like Tinder to find a date.

This article might change your life or make you rich. Meanwhile, many futurists are at work on “what’s new for 2013? The idea muscle atrophies, just like any other muscle.

Rising unemployment, soldiers being replaced in their jobs by drones that kill babies, a new housing crisis that will end all housing crisises, who is the real father of Kim Kardashian’s child, and on and on. While the futurists do their thing let’s actually get down to exercising our idea muscles.

Sorry.) C) Use Global Warming to Solve Global Warming.

So it makes complete sense that people with higher Klout should be able to buy more things. And when they buy things, that infers Klout on the seller, who can now buy more things. We’re moving towards a Klout-currency world anyway. (In all respect to Josh Gosfeld, author of “The Art of Doing”, I just stole the idea you told me you were going to do a science fiction novel about.


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