Error in validating the xml file against the latest schema

Register Schema('Iso Types Sti_v0.2.xsd', ...); -- Copied file body from /MAI_55_LT_XSD-v0.2/Iso Types Sti_v0.2Dbms_Xml Schema.Register Schema('M55Types Sti_v0.2.xsd', l_Clob); Dbms_Xml Schema. Register Schema('Common Types Sti_v0.2.xsd', ...); -- Copied file body from /MAI_55_LT_XSD-v0.2/Common Types Sti_v0.2Dbms_Output. Just when writing to you I've copied first line and forgot to change Common Types Sti_v0.2to M55slik_v0.2. So here is great possibility that I'm doing something wrong.

Only thing needed to do is to replace M55Types Sti_v0.1with M55Types Sti_v0.2There is code I used with Oracle(data from files is to big to paste here, but is easy to paste directly from zip file from link above) DECLARE l_Clob CLOB; l_Xml XMLTYPE := XMLTYPE(...); -- Copied file from /XML pavyzdÅžiai/MAI55_SLIK_XML_v01-- !!!

We created an XML Schema to define XML documents we expect to receive from various entities.

When we receive the document, we would like to validate it before processing it.

Blue wavy underlines show semantic errors based on DTD or schema validation.

Each error has an associated entry in the error list.


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